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Europe and the euro are on the edge

Europe and the euro are on the edge, warned one of the initiators of the European Common Market and a former European Commission president Jacques Delors in an interview with Belgian newspaper Le Soir and the Swiss Le Temps, quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

86-year-old Delors said that the meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Tuesday did not lead to real solutions for the withdrawal of euro area debt crisis.

“Let’s open our eyes – the euro and Europe are on the edge. I think the choice is simple: either the Member States would agree to closer economic cooperation, which I’ve always wanted, or will provide additional powers to the Union”, he said, referring to the European Union.

In his second of the two options was rejected by a majority of the 27 Member States and remains the first.

Delors also believes that the refusal of closer economic cooperation with the community threatens disintegration.

After meeting on Tuesday Merkel and Sarkozy proposed to establish a common economic government for the euro area member states, led by President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy.

In addition, they offer an additional tax on financial transactions, but said it considered premature to introduce the idea of ​​bonds, common to the euro area.


The fate of the euro area is in the hands of Germany

The fate of the euro is in the hands of Berlin, writes, “Daily Telegraph”. The decision of the Italian Parliament to adopt measures to cut government spending, less calm the market, but the crisis in the euro area is not over, says the publication cited by Cross .

British Prime Minister David Cameron said that eurozone countries must take urgent measures, not just react to what happens in the market.

First, it is vital that the eurozone to reduce its budget spending. Moreover, economists believe that the package of aid to countries that have suffered most from the crisis should be increased to 2 trillion. euros, as this will calm the markets.

But the essence of the problem is that the eurozone as a whole and Germany in particular, refuse to recognize that only the creation of monetary union can lead to certain results.

German economy is the largest in Europe. Now stands before her selection. Firstly, it can insist on a fundamental integration of the area where the EU will control budgets and taxes, as markets are concerned only the situation in some countries but not in the eurozone as a whole.

Another point is that she just might leave the eurozone.

The third option is Germany just waiting for the next financial crisis. Ireland, Greece or Italy will be able to solve their problems. Now everything is in the hands of Germany, said the publication.

Airlines in Europe will reduce greenhouse gas emissions with biofuels

European airlines, manufacturers of bio fuels and the European Commission signed an agreement to produce two million tons of eco-fuel for aircraft by 2020, which hope to reduce their environmental footprint, says the online edition EurActiv.

The pact was signed despite the burst debate about how these green fuels are a reality. Participants in the project were signed Airbus, airline Air France-KLM, British Airways and Lufthansa, as well as producers of bio fuels Neste Oil.

Because the debate by first generation bio uels, participants in the agreement plan to focus on more sustainable crops. The company such as Lufthansa are planning to use the wild plant jatropha in the choice of crop to test bio fuel in the mix for flights between Frankfurt and Hamburg for six months after obtaining the certification.

Agreement with Nestle provides for the production of the mixture to use palm oil, but company representatives consider replacing it with other sources. American company Honeywell plant Kamelini used for business flights from North America to Europe.

“The plant is alternated with a rotation period of wheat and weeds replaced during the fallow season, so it does not displace food production,” the company said. “We do not want to compete with crops grown for food for us This is the main focus. ”

Willingness of airlines to use bio fuels as a way to reduce pollution from jet fuel are often attacked because of the use of food crops such as palm oil, which can be used for food.

Earlier in June a report of 10 international institutions including the World Bank and World Trade Organisation has warned governments to be more cautious policies in support of bio fuels as they affect global food prices.

Activists from environmental group “Friends of the Earth ‘claim that the plant Kamelini nevertheless compete with food crops, and for making jet fuel from jatropha released large areas of arable land in Africa and India to fuel quantities required for aviation industry.

“World Bank and the OECD recommended the withdrawal of support for bio fuels, but representatives of the aviation industry continues to insist on its position,” said Robbie Blake from “Friends of the Earth” in Europe. “It would be irresponsible to raise huge amounts of crops for bio fuel for flights, instead of feeding the hungry,” added he.

Meanwhile, British Airways developed fuel waste, which is hoping to fill their planes by 2015.

HTC opens central office in Europe

Chinese mobile manufacturer HTC Corporation today officially introduced its new European headquarters, located in Slough, UK. The company said that the European office of the NTS is developing steadily and now comprises more than 50 countries. Investment in own office markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East represents the rapid growth that HTC has made in recent years, the Chinese state corporation.

“HTC has achieved growth in all respects in 2011 Our new European headquarters is a natural step to show that we are strongly committed to markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC. The new building will occupy senior management, marketing and sales and engineering teams working on HTC Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The new European headquarters is located on 6.500 square meter area. The building is a former Office of O2 UK and has additional space for 150 new people to be hired over the next 12 months.

HTC aims to increase its influence in Europe, Africa and the Middle East over the next few years. For 2010 the company has sold 25 million units worldwide and has realized a profit of 9 billion USD, which noted 93% increase over the previous year. For the first quarter of 2011 were 9.7 million smartphones sold worldwide, which was 192% increase on an annual basis, 6% increase over the previous quarter. During the quarter, sales of smartphones the company in Europe, Africa and the Middle East have increased by 67% compared to the same period last year.

Heat in Europe

Unbearable heat overlaid Southwest Europe. Spain, France and Belgium are heated to over 30 degrees, and the weathermen predicting cooling until Wednesday.

Fountains in downtown Madrid offended kids to cool under the hot sun. Authorities warn the elderly and people with heart problems do not go at peak hours to heat. More energetic still preferred to walk, but with an umbrella.

High temperatures and not podminaha French capital. Parisians and tourists gathered in droves in the scarce shade.

Meanwhile in Belgium tourists enjoyed the heat. 30-degree heat did not surprise local – in spring this year was a record warm Belgium, the highest temperatures since 1887.

And while Southern Europe will bake a hellish heat, Romanians had to deal with blizzards at the end of June. Temperatures in Romania fell by more than 10 degrees for night and the Carpathians were decorated buried under three feet of snow.

More about Europe map, history and information about the Southwest European countries.

Vettel took the Grand Prix of Europe

World Champion Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel continued his domination of the extreme beginning of the year. 24-year-old German driver Red Bull won the 6th race of the season having triumphed in the Grand Prix of Europe at Valencia street circuit.

Vettel started for the seventh time in pole position and despite fierce competition from teammate Mark Webber and the top pilot of Ferrari Fernando Alonso managed to maintain position.

In the final pit Spaniard stayed a few more laps on the track by Webber and overtake him for second place. Three finals after the podium.

Even I do not think the title says Vettel after the finish, although pulled 77 points ahead of his pursuers main Jenson Button and Mark Webber in the main rankings. “The season is long. Of course, we started the year well and go on like this. It is clear that you do not need to win and take many risks, but our goal is still the same – to win in every race,” said ace of ‘Red Bull “.

Four remained with McLaren Lewis Hamilton, who overtook Massa for Ferrari. Ranked sixth in the other McLaren driver Jenson Button.

Seven times champion Michael Schumacher of Mercedes remained until 17th.

Despite the hellish heat, no pilot is not eliminated from the competition. This happens only for the fourth time in the history of Formula 1. For the first time this happens in the Grand Prix of Holland half a century ago, in 1961 and in 2005 and had two races without dropping – in Italy and the USA.

Next start this season British Grand Prix at the legendary track “Silverstone” on 10 July.

Tevez manipulated European League match

Manchester City captain Carlos Tevez was accused of manipulating the game of the European League.

It’s game against Aris in the Greek beginning of the year. Accusations are that Tevez has allowed the opponent to perform the first kick of the match from the center.

A suspicion came from that is a bet of € 6000 for precisely that. Investigating authorities have suggested that Tevez was contacted by the player of Aris Nery Castillo, who is told what to do.

The mexican is a former City player, but they have not played together. You probably know the period in which Carlin was part of Manchester United.

Southeast European countries improve conditions for business

Southeast European countries improve conditions for business in response to the economic crisis and trying to become part of European Union. These are the findings of this year’s study of World Bank Doing Business conditions for entrepreneurs in several countries in the region. It includes several cities in Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova and Montenegro.

The survey did not determine the clear winner among the surveyed cities. Each of them has improved conditions in at least three of the four categories tested – starting a business, issuance of building permits, contract signing and registering property. In addition, costs that are incurred in starting a business in the region fell from 22% to 13% of average income per capita. Decreased by about a month is the time for issuing construction certificate and registering property. The improvement is due to the introduction of the one-stop, dropping some of the procedures, the introduction of electronic systems for the administration and judiciary.

Leaders in various categories are different. However, the authors state that in the Macedonian capital Skopje and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina has done most to improve the business environment. It turns out that most easily and quickly earning a construction permit from the Montenegrin town of Niksic, the easier the transfer of property in Chisinau and Balti in Moldova. On the other hand, the most difficult to start business in Pristina, Kosovo, most have problems in registering property in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and most difficult is the signing of a contract in the Kosovo town of Prizren. Most problems are entrepreneurs who want to earn a construction permit in Belgrade.

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