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Heat in Europe

Unbearable heat overlaid Southwest Europe. Spain, France and Belgium are heated to over 30 degrees, and the weathermen predicting cooling until Wednesday.

Fountains in downtown Madrid offended kids to cool under the hot sun. Authorities warn the elderly and people with heart problems do not go at peak hours to heat. More energetic still preferred to walk, but with an umbrella.

High temperatures and not podminaha French capital. Parisians and tourists gathered in droves in the scarce shade.

Meanwhile in Belgium tourists enjoyed the heat. 30-degree heat did not surprise local – in spring this year was a record warm Belgium, the highest temperatures since 1887.

And while Southern Europe will bake a hellish heat, Romanians had to deal with blizzards at the end of June. Temperatures in Romania fell by more than 10 degrees for night and the Carpathians were decorated buried under three feet of snow.

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