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Putin offered Energy Union to Europe

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin proposes to EU to create a single energy complex – Russia and cancel the Third Energy Package.

“We need to think about deeper cooperation in the energy field – or even create a single European energy complex” says the Prime Minister in an article in which the topic of cooperation with Europe is seen only after a detailed description of the development prospects of relations between Russia and the Asia – Pacific region.

The first steps in the proposed area were made ​​in the gas sector, said the head of the Russian government. “Nord Stream under the Baltic Sea and South Stream across the Black Sea are supported by the governments of many countries, they contribute at the major European energy companies. After full commissioning Europe will receive reliable and flexible system for gas, not depend on anyone’s political whims. This will not formally, but actually strengthen the energy security of the continent” said Putin.

Putin calls to repeal the third energy package, whose requirements prohibit providers of energy inputs to control the transport infrastructure, stating that it complicates relations between Russia and the EU in the energy sphere.


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